4 Ways To Grow Your Creativity Using Mobile Connections

Creative Mobile Chat

Time to Get Creative With Your Mobile Phone Chat!

Here’s the deal. Things can become rather boring and ordinary, if you don’t know how to spice things up. Let’s face it, anyone can get into a routine fairly quickly. For the most part, people don’t like change.

Sound like anyone you know? News flash! Trust me, your partner will be very open to spicing things up! Some sexy phone chat just might be the thing.

Let me paint a picture for everyone reading. You are away on a trip. Your partner is all alone at home, without you. You decide to explore your options with some mobile chat.

But you remember that things didn’t go so well the last time. Because you were still using your old ways of thinking and things got boring for both of you.

Make things different this time!

You are feeling extremely turned-on. So you decide to give your partner a call, to see if they are also in the mood. Before you pick up the phone to start the romance, let’s go over a small checklist of things you need to be conscious of, this time around.

1) Did you make sure to choose the right moment? This might have been part of the problem the last time. See, last time you took a couple of other calls, all while trying to get each other in the mood.

By the time you got back to your partner, they hung up because you took too long to return. Don’t let this happen again! Hold all your other calls. Let the calls go to your voicemail and call them back another day.

2) Keep your lines and your creativity balanced this time around. Sometimes when you start getting into it you might come across like a robot repeating the same naughty words over and over. This can be monotonous for your partner.

Especially, if you are the type of person who is usually shy. Take it slow and use your imagination in a natural way. Don’t go to extremes with this. This is also what might have caused the confusion the last time. This is not a race. Some guys like to do the “all or nothing” approach. There has to be a happy medium here.

Create The Perfect Scenario

3) What happened the last time? Did you dampen the atmosphere with too many “uncomfortable silences?” Maybe you ran out of things to say early on? Did you have a storyline in you’re head? This will definitely cause the mood to change for the better.

If you are generally robotic with things, especially your sexual demeanor, this can kill the mood. Too much of the same thing will cause your partner to hang up. Go in with a game plan for how you will take your seductions to the next level. Don’t leave things to chance.

4) Tell your partner you are thinking of them. Tell them you read a stimulating article today and you thought of them. Be honest about it too. Read some of the article. Encourage him or her to start vocalizing how they are getting in the mood.

Did you do any of this the last time? If so, then take it to the next level. Remember where you left off and take it deeper. The more expressive you are, the less conventional it will feel to both of you.


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