The Right Connection Or Your Heart’s Desire?

looking for phone chat connections

Our Need For Companionship is Instinctive.

A lot of people want to make connections. Our need to have someone love us is primal and healthy to our being. The problem is successfully accomplishing that goal is never that simple. One of the first obstacles in human communication is a deep misunderstanding of human personality. We are taught in school to act like robots and blindly listen to our teacher’s agenda compliantly.

This sets us up with a false sense of reality. That we are born with an equal set of values and priorities. This is absolutely not true. An old American proverb tells us to never judge a person until you have walked in their shoes. It is essential before you begin your quest for a meaningful connection that you thoroughly know your own strengths and weaknesses.

Look Inside Yourself.

A lot of relational pain can become avoided if both parties are self-aware and humble. There are many places on the web where you can check out your personal type. These type of websites can help guide you through the different categories of human interaction and their various biases. We tend to initially like people like ourselves. But this can sometimes set us up for failure in the long term.

Choose Wisely!

Once you have your personal psychological report, you can then begin analyzing which type of individual would be a suitable partner for you. If you are looking for a spouse, there are certain personalities who are not compatible with each other. In fact, there are pairings that often lend themselves to chaos when they are together.

If you put two high-strung spirits in one home, they will tend to wave swords at each other. Each of them trying to prove themselves right as they destroy each other. Relational harmony requires that one of the people in your home naturally be more compliant and submissive than the other.

Search For “Real” Connections.

Define what your heart’s desire is. A lot of people have a confused idea of romance. Their concept of romance is a gorgeous hunk making out with a hot girl. They do not realize that this movie star hero is acting. He has no real affection for the woman he is flirting with. Most good actors are not very good at maintaining long relationships, as a quick look at the Hollywood tabloids will tell you.

Using a reputable online phone chat app is also another great way to boost your dating potential. It can help expand the values you want in a relationship. Make a list of what most men are looking for in a partner. Some common traits might be young, rich, beautiful, nice, and flattering. Because let’s face it, whatever most men want is usually unrealistic. Be true to yourself and identify which of these features is really important to you.

Don’t Let Society Dictate Your Idea of Happiness.

A good trick is to turn around the attributes that appeal to you then look for your choice of mate. An example could be that I highly value beautiful, respectful, and nice in my partner. Now turn these choices around. Now the list is poor, average, respectful, realistic, and honest. There are going to be far more women who meet this kind of criteria versus the standards set by the media. Because starting a liaison with a real woman is far more likely to come true in the long run.

Keep in mind that the best relationships do not always come via phone chat and texting. Make an effort to get to know and care for your new mate in the real world. Make a positive union.


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