Darth Vader’s Guide to Texting

Darth Vaders Guide To Texting

Welcome to The Darth Vader School of Texting!

We can all learn a lot from Darth Vader and his skills. Now, just because Vader operated from the dark side of the force, doesn’t mean he didn’t have some good ideas. If you think about it, his ideas can pretty much apply to anything even texting. There is a little bit of naughtiness in all of us.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Never Reveal Your Cards Too Soon

This is one of the first rules to a successful venture with texting or adult phone chat. Look at Vader. He was dark and mysterious. But, everyone felt an attraction to him. The dark side can be very tempting. Some even compare intimacy to the dark side. It can be, depending on your point of view. He liked to tease people with his power. Then he would taunt people with it.

He never showed people his true side, not until they were under his control. If you don’t show who you are this can be genuinely tantalizing for many people. The idea of a stranger arousing you with words can drive your imagination wild. All Vader used was the force and his words. That’s all you need.

Keep People On Their Toes!

Vader was an expert at this. He twisted his words to draw you in. With texting, the same thing applies. Using some simple words, even a seductive picture can do a lot to lure a person in. Find the right words, as Vader did and the other person will be at your beck and call. Explore their mind and discover what their deepest and darkest desires are. They will hang on your every word!

Be Sure You Know What You Want…

This is something that Vader knows all too well about. Vader would never talk about the dark side, not until he became completely seduced by it. Vader slowly started to gain his own experience and even began teasing others with it. Once his journey was complete, he knew he could possess the knowledge to seduce others into his ways. Same goes here.

If you don’t have any experience with sexting and the like, you might want to get some. For those who have never done this before, it can be easily recognizable to those of us who have. It’s one thing to use your light saber during a phone chat. It’s another thing to go all the way. Vader knew the difference and so should you.

Say What You Mean.

Vader used the force both in words and in reality. He lived it and knew it, even if it was for the dark side. Same thing applies here. Some get uncomfortable, so they remain in the “discovery” state. This is not advisable. This method will only work for a while. Teasing the person in a chat, without understanding it might go further, this is the path to the dark side. A side that even Vader never ventured down. Whatever you choose , remember you are welcome to the dark side… we have cookies here!


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