Which Do You Prefer… Phone Chat or Texting?

The Universe of Phone Chat and Texting

The Universe of Texting and Phone Chat.

In present day communication, texting has now replaced talking on the phone. With the sheer availability of smartphone technology, texting has become increasingly commonplace. Particularly among young adults, texting has even become the preferred method of contact over phone chat. In this blog post, I will list three advantages to texting. I will then provide you with the counterpoint of talking on the phone. Choosing the right method is to your benefit.

Advantages to Texting

Text messaging gives you the convenience of being direct and fast. These text messages do not require a response. For instance, you can send your mom a message saying that you will not be home for dinner.

Another great option of texting is you can send images and other files via text. If you want to share a photo of yourself, then you can quickly send it to a potential partner. You can maintain some distance when texting. While this can sometimes be a disadvantage, there are certain situations in which preserving an emotional distance can be helpful.

Advantages to Talking on the Phone

You can instantly receive a response. Unlike with texting, you do not have to wait longer than it takes to get a response. You can also judge the emotions behind the response on the person’s tone of voice and word choice. Talking on the phone is often more confidential than texting. You do not have to worry about the person you are talking to taking a screenshot and posting a picture of the conversation on the internet.

It is often much easier to engage in an active two-way conversation with phone chat rather than texting. This is because phone chatting allows for instant two-way communication in real time. Texting often takes place over a period of time depending on the circumstance. Stronger, longer lasting relationships can become cultivated over the phone.

Choose Your Best Option.

As you can see, both texting and talking on the phone are useful modes of communication between two people. But, in determining which is better or what you prefer, I would have to say that you would have to look at the purpose. If you are aiming to create a meaningful, long-term relationship with another person, then phone chat wins hands down.

On the other hand, if your aim is to communicate a quick and direct piece of information with no consequence of receiving an instant message, then texting is the way to go.

Many young people opt for texting as the preferred method of connecting because of its ease and efficiency. Without a doubt, texting is a great way to communicate information, but creating an emotional connection is definitely easier by talking on the phone.


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