5 Things Spock Would Say About Phone Chat

Phone Chat

The 5 Facts of Phone Chat Spock Would Find Illogical!

If Spock were alive today, he would be shaking his head in amazement. He would probably think that we were a lot like the Romulans. Too aggressive and allowing our emotions to make most of our decisions. I am quite sure he would find a lot of things alarming, especially the trend of phone chat. Spock has always had a logical view on matters. In this day and age, phone chat is definitely a subject which Spock would consider illogical, to say the least… How so might you ask?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways in which he would do this, shall we!?

1) Having an intense phone chat with your mate or online operator, well this is one way to add a little excitement to a relationship. Because it doesn’t matter what the relation is or who it involves, this is one sure-fire way to spice it up. Spock always had an issue with conveying emotions and feelings, let alone sex. Why would his opinion be any different when it comes to phone chatting?

2) In order for phone chat to work properly, you have to feel sexy when you are doing it. If you don’t feel aroused, it won’t feel sensuous. Spock would find this a bit strange. One of Spock’s prime traits is that he never saw sexuality as necessary. The attraction to another person was just one of those passing things, something that was not worthy of too much attention. As humans, if you are going to participate in this venture with a partner, this is one quality you must have.

3) The simplest of affections and feelings, they say so much. This is especially true for those who engage in phone chat. Spock did believe in keeping things simple and logical; and yet, he only believed it to a certain extent. Because it had to come from the world of intellect, for it to apply. For him and all Vulcans interaction between two people talking on the phone made no sense.

Live Long And Prosper!

4) Improvisation is key when dealing with passionate situations and conversation. You have to devise a plan that will go beyond dull and boring. Spock did not believe in this. Spock felt that if something was dull and boring, then everything was as it should be. He perceived that everything had to add up and be coherent. Chatting & intimate texting is simply not part of the equation.

5) Spock always felt that intimacy was an icky, and unnecessary part of being human. Unless of course when he was in the middle of Pon farr. He felt that desire was an irrelevant part of human existence. Spock couldn’t see the point in letting go of our emotions, because for him it meant the destruction of his race.

Imagine the irony, Spock was born of a human mother. It seems he probably never wanted to think about his mother having sex to conceive him… sounds kind of human to me! Even if he did relate the idea, it was only for a fleeting moment. As humans, physical relations are something we need to share for a sense of belonging. Spock probably thinks it would be better if everyone was just born with the help of science, in some sort of petri dish or something.


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