Welcome To The Amazing World of Chat Lines!

Chat Lines

The Journey Begins!

It seemed like the girls in high school just weren’t that into me, so as soon as I turned eighteen, I signed up for an online dating site. Suddenly, I had access to girls from all over the country. “Finally,” I thought, “I can expand my chances of getting a date.” During winter break, I spent nearly every waking hour writing messages on all the chat lines I could find to random girls. Even though only a small fraction of them replied, I still kept going.

I Began To Lose Enthusiasm.

After awhile, the girls began to blur together. For example, if I were to chat with enough girls who had grown up on a farm, I would feel, as though I had spoken with every girl who had ever lived on a farm. Consequently, I began to get lazy with my chatting. In one instance, a girl said on her profile that Beetle Juice was her favorite movie.

On other chat lines, I had already talked with several other girls who were also fans of that movie. Out of sheer laziness, I decided to copy the same message I had sent before to another girl and paste it in a conversation with this new girl. This became my primary method of communicating with any new girls on the site. I was losing it!

Finally! Someone Interesting!

One day, however, I came across a profile that was like no other that I had ever seen before. The subject is a little controversial, to say the least, but sparked my curiosity. This girl was a far-right activist who loved educating people on the superiority of the Aryan race, despite being part of a diverse culture herself. For some reason, she thought that Grown Ups 2 was a great movie because she saw it as a satire of the modern male.

Oddly enough, she seemed very prudish and didn’t want any nude imagery sent to her. But she had a distinct interest in photographs of men in diapers, as that was her fetish. I had never met anybody like this on any of the other chat lines. As for her physical appearance, I wouldn’t say that I found her attractive really, but I did find her extremely fascinating.

Getting To Know You

I sent this girl a chat message that was, for all intents and purposes, an analytical essay about her profile. I asked how she reconciled her white supremacist beliefs with her heritage. Then I asked how long she had held an interest in diapers, and whether that passion extended into any other fixations. I even shared my own thoughts on the modern male.

By the time I finished writing, I had drafted nearly 1,000 words. Her response was, and I quote, “I was only trolling, dude. I didn’t mean any of this.” I have to say I never laughed so hard in my life…That was when I realized how much I enjoyed the amazing world of Chat Lines!


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